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 We had some friends down (from the fabulous Farm Shop and Restaurant linked below) to visit us and seeing as it’s taken me six and a half years to get them here I figured I’d make it, you know, in to “Something Special” as we offer to our guests in the Cottages. We decided on a trip to the Minack Theatre, hewn out of the cliffs of the South Cornish Coast.  Open to the elements it is a stunningly beautiful place where I’ve spent matinee performances in the past watching basking sharks in the bay and getting sun burnt.  Well I’m not sure special is what you would call this outing to the theatre, more, surreal, unbelievable, incredible……windy. What I do know is that our friends won’t forget in a hurry and it may take a lot longer than six and a half years to get them down here again, if at all. I may have to sign a contract promising not to take them to anything outdoors ever again. 

The Minack have not had a good season, the worse ever, in fact they very seldom cancel a performance and have had to cancel eight this year, due to our lovely balmy summer weather.  On the evening we chose the theatre company decided the show must go on despite horizontal rain and huge gusts of wind, the theatre itself was prepared to offer refunds but with 2 days of bad weather forecast the company really wanted to try and perform.  So a compromise was reached that if it was unbearable after half an hour you could leave and get a refund and if it was truly impossible for the production to go on they would stop it.  Now bear in mind that all the sane members of the audience have had a look at the weather forecast and have dressed as they deem appropriate (see picture; husband in a thermal floatation suit – how right he was) however the poor performers, some of whom were quite scantily costumed were definately suffering for their art, although not a single male in the audience complained of course, the ladies on the other hand did feel sorry for them. Well I take my hat off to them, I would have but the wind had already done that for me. It was however a fantastic show, well worth hypothermia, and a story we’ll be telling for years to come. Note to all our prospective guests in our Cottages; I promise the weather will be better for you when you go (well it can’t be worse).

Going To The Minack Theatre

While I’m here I’d like to pass on a link to a lovely restaurant with it’s own Farm Shop at Llantrisant near Cardiff. So if any of you dedicated followers live nearby pop in or if any of you are passing on the M4 pop in for some lovely, local to Wales, produce. Caesars Arms and Farm Shop