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Working Boats Racing

Working Boats on Carrick Roads

Well I can’t help but be excited, Falmouth Week is about to arrive. This is a week full of vibrant ( and often very rich) people racing classic and new yachts, we’ll have the Sunbeams out, along with the Working boats, a site well worth seeing around the waters of Falmouth. It’s a week where all involved work hard and quite rightly play hard, and good on them.

I’ll be honest the likely hood of my actually getting on a yacht is very slim indeed, however that does not stop the excuse to party hard on the back of all the people racing hard everyday next week. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to get involved, it’s just the teams racing are very unlikely to want my help. I did a weeks sailing course once, unfortunately, I’ve not sailed since and unlike riding a bike, you do forget, so being told to pull a certain rope would be like asking me to do long division.

Wednesday is possibly the most popular day for racing, could it be because every yacht out is racing for champagne! The day is topped off for all with an air display, normally The Red Arrows but this year for a change we have The Blades  which look like being just as exciting.

If the weather is kind, windy but sunny, then that is lovely for all, if however, the mist rolls in or the wind dies well not so good for racing and all may just have to play hard while they wait for the weather to clear. Either way, every night, Falmouth is alive and buzzing well into the early hours. Personally I really hope it’s a successful week for all involved, especially for the shops lining the streets in Falmouth, it’s been a hard couple of months and this could offer some well needed light relief all round, so fingers crossed.