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Where to start………Brexit! NO, I promise not a single word.

But lets talk about the weather, there can be no complaints about the weather whatsoever……the easiest winter ever. Looking after our zoo has been a total breeze. Walking the dogs, riding, trimming the dry goat feet, it was so incredibly easy. But wait a minute, I do have a moan. We put our own water system in last year, we now get our lovely, healthy water out of our well! Well, we will until we run out, which it did last October for a whole month. And seeing as we have hardly seen any rain since, I’m amazed we still have our water running now, but thanks to the weather I have only had to hose the dogs down about 5 times. I have not let my husband wash his boat or the cars and showers have to be shorter than usual! Don’t worry though, all our guests have had no problems with our water and if the worse happens we turn the mains back on. So, if you stay in one of our cottages we won’t leave you without!

I do wonder why it took 15 years for us to do this, but I guess there were other priorities higher up the very long list. I also wonder, had we done it sooner, would we have had lovely calm, dry winters and hot summer for the last 15 years…….but we will never know.

If you are yet to book a break away, pop over to take a look, the links I have put in are for another site we advertise on as our own is having an update. 

We have room in our smallest, Dingley Cottage in July and August and a couple of weeks still to go in Kernyk Cottage