I say, it’s tailing off, but we do appear to have a full house next week. 

Our season started in February and has been steady ever since. We’ve had the relaxed retirees, the young with boundless energy, the burnt out, the can’t be bothered, the in love, the disinterested, the unprepared, the overprepared, if they exist we’ve had them. I’m not complaining about a single one of you. I promise! I don’t actually see that much if you all, but I’m about if something breaks and if you need the wifi reset………..

You appear to have all had a lovely time, not many seemed that effected by the weather, if you were, it wasn’t my fault, honest. Cornwall loved having you all, come rain or shine and will welcome you back with open arms another time. 

I’m battening down the hatches for winter in the hope it’ll then be dry & mild, I can hope can’t I. 

In the meantime, until next holiday season, although, we are still welcoming guests if they fancy a break, &  we do have central heating! Bonus! 

Stay comfy & dream of Cornwall.