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IMG_1574So I’m told Spring is here, the Magnolias are flowering so it’s official, IT IS SPRING. It will now stop tipping down, the air will turn crisp and dry and things will start to dry out………..Ok, so I’m hopeful, I have to be, with all our animals and the number of times I get soaked everyday.

I’m about ready to get down on my hands and knees and pray. I’m generally immune to the weather but if I’m honest this winter has been very long and very wet. Apparently we have only had two dry days side by side once since October, am I surprised? NO. At least this has been UK wide and not just over Ruby Farmhouse!

Despite the weather, we have spent all winter, redecorating our cottages, there are lovely new hard wood front doors, new windows, new paint on the walls, new furniture, pictures, headboards, cushions, sofas and even new carpet in one, I can’t wait for the last few bits to be put in and new photos will be taken and uploaded to our web site, watch this space!

Anyway, weather aside, Cornwall is still extremely beautiful whatever the weather, and worth coming to for a holiday. There is still an amazing amount to see and do, just come prepared!
At Ruby Farmhouse Holiday Cottages we offer short, out of season breaks, and now that our changeover day is a Friday, that makes for perfect timing for a long weekend.

Here is a  link to whats on in Cornwall over the next few months, see what takes you fancy, then make that booking.