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At last, what I have known all along has been confirmed! Yes I know it was a while ago but I got side tracked.

Since I visited here over 10 years ago and knew if I didn’t live in Wales I could live in Cornwall because I just knew, in my gut, that Cornwall was not England. Keep following and I’ll try and explain further.

Now before any of you get on your high horses, I’m not being rude about England or the English, honestly, and don’t tell anyone this, but I was born there. But you see I haven’t got an English bone in my body . My family have French, Irish and above all else Scottish blood and having lived in Wales since the age of 10, I just knew I could never feel totally at home in England. So when we visited Cornwall it was the least feeling English, English place I’d ever been to and now it’s confirmed! So all is at peace and all is as it very much should be. You see there is something about the Celts. We are not the same as the English. Call me mad but all you Celts out there know exactly what I mean . Maybe, just maybe that is why Cornwall is such a popular holiday destination for so very many? Cornwall just has that certain something, that little bit of something nowhere else has.

So despite the very long, very wet winter we have all been experiencing is it not time to get your wellies and wet weather gear out and pop down for a short break? You never know, bring the wet weather gear and the sun will come out. The Magnolia’s are out so it must be time to come out of the woodwork and explore.