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Thanks to the media again! There appears to be a huge amount of people thinking that Cornwall is cut off after all the dreadful weather. Well, I’m sure there are times when the Cornish feel cut off and would sometimes like to be closed! But rest assured we are not by any means closed for business. In fact I would say things are buzzing down here getting ready for all the lovely visitors Cornwall loves to welcome. Cafe’s galore, beaches to die for, art to melt your heart, food to fill your empty tummies, the list is endless, add to that the wonderful gardens that await you so they can show off their beautiful spring blooms. So what are you waiting for exactly? We have some room at Ruby Farmhouse Holiday Cottages and are ready to welcome you, your children and your dog with open arms plus scones and clotted cream. Come and cuddle our goats, stroke our horses and run round the fields, kids that is, Mum and Dad can relax in their private gardens!