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I’ve been meaning to put finger to keypad for a while now but keep getting side tracked. You see things are quiet ish with the cottages, ( just me asking lots of people to paint, reseal, cut back etc etc in order to get spick and span for all our guests arriving soon). It’s all the animals that are keeping me busy. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be the one with the paint brush.  The animals are all starving, there is no grass at all and, the fields are totally chewed up, but must not moan, at least they are not under water, just water logged.  So it’s constant feeding and mucking out.  After walking one of the dogs, ( one is lame! Oh don’t you just love animals), they put you through the mill but I’d not change anything.  Well……..It’s then onto the rest of the animal care routine which takes up most of my day.  Paperwork takes up some more and being a taxi to our daughter the rest.  Somewhere in there is buying new things for the cottages, TV’s this year among other things and cooking some supper is always an important one, after all the animals of course!

We had to say good bye to one of our Boer goats on the 30th of December. She had been ill for over 8 months. I injected her twice a day for 7 of those months in the hope of killing off the nasty bacteria that wracked her body but to no avail. Very sad, but her little friend ( scrap that) large friend, seems fine and is too busy growing to notice.  I think she is glad not to be in competition for food.

So, what I actually came on here to do is share a little idea with you in case you intend to be a guest of ours this Spring or Summer. I figured even if you think you know Cornwall, going on a Treasure Trail is a really good way of getting to know it even better or maybe learning something totally new about Cornwall. 

Treasure Trail have 61 trails to choose from. You can take one in order to learn about a quaint fishing village, out on the rugged moors or along the coastline.  You can choose from walking trails, car trails and even cycling trails .  It really is an excellent way to find more out about this beautiful county, so pop on over and see what takes your fancy.  Then if you haven’t already, you had better book that week away at Ruby Farmhouse Holiday Cottages. Short breaks are available too out of season.