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Ruby Farmhouse Holiday Cottages have been ticking over for a while now. People ask, “are the cottages busy?” and I think, not very, because I don’t see anything of the guests! Each Cottage is hidden away and unless the dogs hear or see a car they don’t know, I’m none the wiser. I’m either feeding our animals or mowing or weeding and in my own little world. Of course Saturday, our usual changeover day goes in a blur!! We have had a steady stream of visitors and despite the weather, it seems that they have all had a lovely time. It always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time I read a review from our guests and hear how comfortable they have been in one of our cottages and I hear about all the places they have visited and things they have done. Then I get down to cleaning, mowing etc etc………!!! Although I’d rather be sailing a working boat like below!

Courtesy of Falmouth Classics

It is most definitely a funny season though, of course we are still in a recession and then this blasted weather.  I won’t recount to you all that I have heard, mini ice age, erratic weather to continue and so on. I’m trying very hard to forget all the doom and gloom. After all, aren’t we Brits a nation of people who just “get on with it” and are “always prepared” and “life must go on” Apart from when it comes to snow fall that is. So why on earth would we want to book ourselves on a plane that could get delayed to a country where it’s soooo hot we can’t actually do anything other than sit in the shade and get food poisoning, oh and not understand a word being said, although get into a conversation with a Cornishman and you may have the same problem! Thing is, Cornwall needs you, so why not give us the time of day, so many businesses down here are run by individuals and have been handed down through families who re-invent themselves to keep up with the times and demands of todays holiday makers. Cornwall lives for it’s visitors through the summer and comes alive when it has plenty of people to look after. We don’t have a tin or copper industry to rely on any longer so our countryside and coast must do all the work.

Team GB rowing a Pilot Gig

Britain, and Cornwall in particular has so very much to give and if you are open to it, you will find and experience some wonderful things on holiday here, just open your mind, book a cottage, bring summer and wet weather gear and have an adventure! I even have a page called “Make it special” where you can choose to do something, well , a bit special, like food foraging, bass fishing, jewellery making, basket making, Nordic walking or have a go at Gig rowing like our Olympic Champions did at St Mawes in the picture above.  If there is something you would like to try and it’s not listed just let me know and I’ll sort it out for you.

Here’s me selling the virtues of a holiday in Cornwall staying in one of our cottages of course, and we only have a few available weeks left! 

On that note I’m off to enjoy the sun, and, yes it is out.