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The Minack Theatre.


How remiss of me, I can’t believe it’s taken the sun to come out for me to remember to tell you about the gorgeous Minack Theatre.

There was one very determined person driving the making of this wonderful place and that was Rowenna Cade , for 52 years up until the day she died she planned, built then financed The Minack. Follow the link and find out more.

It is quite simply one of the most magical places you could ever visit while in Cornwall and if you like the Theatre well it’s a double wammy. (odd word but I rather like it) If you would like lovely views, some history about the first Telegraph Cables at the same time as finding out more about The Minack, and a super beach to sit on while you are there, then even better. It is one not to miss and is only about 40 minutes from  Ruby Farmhouse Holiday Cottages, add to that a visit to Marazion and St Michael’s Mount while on your way there or back, well quite honestly it’s a day well worth having while staying at one of our homely cottages. Please do get in touch.