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Polo at Watergate Bay

Well the husband has been and gone and as per usual having had a lovely time I am left with a list from him and numerous things to fix that he managed to break while he was here. So situation most definitely normal.

Five minutes on the famous ride on mower and guess what? He broke it. Get that, not me, him. Followed by my coming home to a flood where he had gone through a water pipe while clearing round our well, yes you read it right. I did warn him, but brick wall comes to mind, waste of breath, did you know, men know better? I now have another outside tap nearer to where I make up feed for all the animals, which is great, apart from the fact the moment he left, it started leaking. Job number two. I almost forgot to tell you while trying to fix/start the mower he ( under strict orders not to) took the battery out of what was “Working Wendy”, and funnily enough, is now “Moaning Myrtle” again. ( N.B Never ever, on pain of death, remove a battery from an RR unless you want to muck up it’s head.) Sometimes I just can’t help but despair. Is it a wonder I like the odd glass of wine I ask myself. No surprise I say.

Now don’t get me wrong, we got lots done. I always make sure to have a list at the ready for his return, it makes him feel wanted and needed, I think.

Our junk room is now a spare room and just as all was sorted for the husband’s Aunt to visit from South Africa, I’m informed “oh no I don’t intend to stay I’ll pop down for the after-noon, my brother can drive me from Exeter and back, I’m far too busy to stay ” ( having driven from Pembrokeshire already!) Ah well, everything happens for a reason and for some reason I no longer have a junk room. For now that is.

We also have a ” Binger ” proof garden. Again I have to say “for now”. As Bingers is a German Wired Haired Pointer and where Bingers wants to go, Bingers goes, whether you like it or not. ( he’s already destroyed a corner ) Sorry dear.

Areas got cleared, dump runs were made, along with lots of runs to different charity shops. We had lots of lovely meals out, one to be named, Falmouth bay Seafood cafe in Truro and even managed to get to the Watergate Bay Polo. It was lovely to have company and lots of treats along with “married couple banter” and it almost felt “normal!

So now it’s back to the grind for both of us, its non stop weeding and mowing time here, my favourite; not. But hey the sun is out a lot more and rain doesn’t appear to be on the horizon, (much). Our Cottage visitors are happy and relaxed, so, so am I, now onto fixing a few things in time for the next time the husband comes home to “help”!