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Present poorly count;

One new Boer Goat with ear split in half thanks to stupid ear tags you have to have by law.

Other new Boer Goat with major trauma to her shoulder, having metacalm injections, may need X Ray.

One horse with an allergy to hay and sneezing everywhere bursting blood vessels in his nose.

Mr Bingley, the Wired Haired Pointer with an ear infection that keeps coming back to haunt us all. ( that’s the ear infection, Mr Bingley never goes away!))

Mr Darcy, our Weimaraner with arthritis in his knees.

Our Daughter with injured knee, neck and wrist from playing sport….so very good for you!

Husband with constant aches, pains and dodgy tummy, courtesy of the country where he works, not my food!

And me with blurred vision in one eye, not caused by my brain tumour growing back or eye trouble but some other neuro cause. Awaiting news.

So, lets look on the bright side, no point in wasting energy feeling sorry for ourselves as I like to say ” It will all be alright in the end and if it’s not alright then trust me it’s not yet the end”

The goats ear will mend, all be it, she’ll look like she has three ears.

The other goats shoulder will slowly repair.

The dog’s ear, no doubt, will one day get better. Mr Darcy will be given more glycosamine to ease his aches and pains.

I’ll find the horse some haylage.

My daughter will recover and go on to play more sport, involving more fun ( and injuries ) along with my husband, either that or he’ll be told to stop moaning, I am getting looked after, they sorted me last time and they will sort me again I’m sure. The sun is out and Spring has Sprung at last. We live in a lovely place with lovely people around us, along with all those I can call upon for help. Lovely places to walk the dogs with lovely views. We have parking! & no street lights, you can hear the birds sing and smell the fresh air, guests and their children come to relax,( some weeks still available) my husband thinks I’m on permanent holiday, I beg to differ, although he does have a point. We have a lovely pub 5 mins walk away,( must book a large group for the BBQ night coming up) the coast 15 mins drive away, lots of fantastic farm Shops with local produce, wonderful places to eat, the list goes on, so as far as I am concerned we are extremely fortunate in deed. Basically Cornwall and Ruby Farmhouse Holiday Cottages “ROCK” and that’s just the beginning……….