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More of the Tart later, first we set out to look for a Tapas bar we knew of, it turned out it was closed but what should be right next door but a book shop plus pub, well if there are two places other than a Deli I love it’s a book shop and a pub so put them together and I’m not likely to go much further. The only problem we had, or rather I had, was a hungry husband and only an hour an half in order to eat before picking our daughter up from her Les Mis rehearsal. So after one drink and the purchase of one book we moved on, but we shall be back time and again to Beerwolf . Apparently you can take your take away in with you too so we shall be more prepared next Tuesday.

As far as the Tapas was concerned all was not lost so next came a jolly to Dolly’s Tea Room not for tea and cake but for Tapas, and lovely it was too. Situated on Church Street, Falmouth above the shops is a beautiful high ceilinged room with the most lovely coving, furnished with old chaple chairs, antique tables, mis-matched china, quaint wine glasses and tea cups, sits Dolly’s. We took a window seat so we could nose out at the people walking along the High Street and then took our pick from the Tapas menu. What I love about Dolly’s is the fact there were only about 8 dishes to choose from including a couple of specials, always a sure sign of freshly cooked food to order. A very good start. Along with a jug of Chilean Merlot, another thing I approve of, a glass is not quite enough and on this evening a bottle just too much so a 500ml jug of wine that had, had a chance to breath, perfect.

First to the table was chorizo and prawns cooked in red wine, a lovely start, followed by meat balls in a homemade tomato sauce and fresh crab and lemon bake, with perfect timing came the camembert baked with blueberries, cherries and port. Now I’d had to persuade my husband on this one, he wanted the goats cheese because he thought this would be too sweet, luckily for him he gave into me because it was divine.

Now, yes we had had plenty but I just couldn’t help but ask about pudding and this is where the Treacle & Lavender Tart came into play, how could I refuse as only that day I had been saying I wanted to make some lavender & chilli shortbread, so anything with lavender was going to get the thumbs up from me. So a lovely time was had by all and off we set to pick our daughter up and embarrass her by doing our Morecombe & Wise impersonation up the street, not a wise move with a fourteen year old female! Will we ever learn? Unlikely.

So even more things to experience while staying at Ruby Farmhouse Holiday Cottages.