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We made it. The Husband gets picked up off his last out of 3 flights over 16 hrs which lands  at Newquay, gets home jumps into and out of shower and off we go to Porthleven Food Festival. 1st stop , lunch in The Square where we have crab, prawns, haddock followed by lots of chocolate pudding  washed down with a large glass of merlot and a beer or two for my husband. It had been decided we would be responsible & eat before sampling the tit bits on offer as we were so starving there would have been nothing left for anyone else there.


The sun was out and Porthleven was buzzing, the music was booming out, flags were flying and people were everywhere dancing, listening to music and of course eating all the lovely things that there were to sample.

Porthleven is a small fishing village where among other things, are a few very good restaurants. Take a look at SeadriftThe Square, KotaAmelies add to them some lovely gift shops and galleries as well as both dog friendly or not beaches, a couple of good pubs and lovely cafe’s serving snacks and local ice cream. So when you are here it’s well worth a visit. Nearly forgot to mention the fab fish mongers and the deli and it’s only about 15 mins drive from us.SAM_0433

Each year Kota restaurant and Anthony Worrell Thompson arrange what is getting a very popular Food Festival where lots of local producers bring along their produce to share with all the visitors while the professional chefs put on demonstrations of how to “throw” together some wonderful concoctions. At the same time the streets fill with people and the sound of music, it really is becoming a “must go” event and we were very glad to take my husband along for his birthday so he could stuff himself silly, and, as predicted he did!