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I’ll apologise now before I start, as this blog isn’t about holiday cottages, animals or Cornwall it’s about Moaning Murtle becoming a sex kitten, not so much your Eartha Kit, more a Brigitte Bardot or a Purdey. It’s not the speed you see, it’s more the purr and the ability for speed and the charm of The Avengers. It’s taken a small mortgage to achieve, in fact as my husband pointed out when he got back up off the floor ( I forgot to tell him to lie down ) more than half what we bought her for in the first place. But it’s worth every flippin’ penny and he’ll understand when he finally gets to have a go. Maybe at this point, for those of you who have no idea what I am rambling on about, I should let you know Working Wendy, sex Bomb nee Moaning Murtle is an old P38 Range Rover, who, I must admit has seen better days, she is as old as our marriage, 16, feeling 56. Now reborn, the only disadvantage is the oldie behind the wheel. Almost always, mud splattered, often bedraggled, now windswept and with frost bite in my right ear from driving along with the window down and my head out listening to the gorgeous rumble of a 4.6, V8 engine as we leave the boy racer in his 1.0 ltr supped up something or other standing. Ok so I was childish, but be honest, wouldn’t you have done the same in my place, he’d been sitting on my tail too long cursing the old foggie pootling along while  listening intently to her sexy beast. Are you worried by now? I was ( and still am ) as I found myself starting the engine with the door open then winding the window down to listen as I moved off. Oh for goodness sake, enough, pull yourself together, I keep telling myself to no avail.  I’m actually enjoying driving again for the first time since I learnt to drive. I’m actually looking forward to a long distance round trip to pick up two goats  (animal mention ) for my husbands birthday pressie, and anyone who knows me, knows I very rarely leave Cornwall, so that’s saying something. So, I am going to make the most of my Sex Kitten, “Working Wendy” ( must come up with a better name) as when my husband gets home I won’t get another look in. So with that in mind I’m off to get another pint of milk, I’ll have to go to Falmouth, not sure the corner shop can part with another pint, it’s a few more miles away but never mind I’ll manage. Oh and by the way she’s eco friendly running on LPG so no tutting at me now please. Picture to come once she has been valeted from top to bottom on Wednesday!

I should mention, while I’m here really, as that’s what this blog is supposed to be about, we have a bit of room left over Easter in our cottages but the summer weeks are going fast.

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