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At last, longer days and we’ve had no rain for TWO whole weeks!! I’m rather glad actually, seeing as the seam has failed on my 2nd pair of wellies! The country store has offered to change them again, but I’m rather attached, you see they are very comfy, have a good thick sole and they are PINK! But when the rain returns I’m going to have wet feet. I’ve been told “they are faulty and as you are so attached to them you can try and fix them and when you can’t we’ll change them for you!” Well such faith, and an excellent offer. The blow torch didn’t work just set the rubber on fire instead of melting it, the rubber glue, no good, the patches from the puncture kit, too small, my next idea is to get a colourful kids ball and cut a larger patch and stick that on with the rubber glue. I’ll keep you posted and look out for my pink wellies if you are here in the summer. Did I tell you it rains here a bit in the summer?

There have been other goings on here too. I’ve actually managed to ride my horse for the 1st time in about 5 whole months! 16.3 hand thoroughbred, now that was exciting, all I’m saying is, I stayed on!

I had to call the out of hours vet to one of our goats last night. I’ve been very lucky, in that I’ve never had to do this before. I knew something was wrong when she didn’t stick her nose in when I was tacking up my horse and then when she didn’t eat her tea, well, if anyone knows their goats, this is not normal behaviour. So just as I’d poured my glass of wine, up the lane drove the vet, whereupon the two of us found ourselves in the field shelter in the pitch black trying to find a vein in which to stick a needle, needless to say with two mobile phone torches and a squirming goat we went for the 2nd option of the muscle. All went well and as I approached the field this morning to find two frosty sheep there was Granny Weatherwax ready to stuff breakfast down like every other day before this one, and boy did she.

I was looking forward to getting back on my horse Roo today, ( yes I know I’m mad, may lunge him 1st this time) and was very excited to see that there was an e mail from a perspective guest who would like to book all three cottages for a week in the summer. On attempting to reply I found  my keypad having a hissy fit. An hour later and several visits to my husbands shed, for tools, not for any “sheds of Grey” action, (riding my horse gradually disappearing) as far as I was concerned there was still a recycled battery stuck in my keypad that had to come out so I could get new ones in and reply to our perspective guest.

Off to Truro I went, on the one day I didn’t have to go to Truro to pick up our daughter, (commonly known as Murphys law, the polite way of putting it). Upon entering the very helpful Apple shop, ( other’s are available ) I was told ” Madame (yes I’m that old) this is not a battery, it is part of your keypad. Moving swiftly away from the Miranda moment of all moments. let’s call it character building and not becoming senile shall we.

After this I decided the car needed a wash, well I had to do something sensible. Although anyone that knows me, knows I don’t believe in washing cars, waste of time and money, they only get dirty again, note I don’t, for some reason, apply this to my horse. Anyway there was bird do-do on it, quite corrosive I believe so it had to come off. To  avoid another one of “those moments” I decided I’d go to the drive through rather than  to a do it yourself job, although after the keypad incident, this was a risk in itself, I could have got stuck in it. Thing was,  there were 6 cars waiting! 6 cars, have they nothing better to do? Well I have, so I got a very nice young man up the road to wash it for me! Expensive but worth every penny to be bird do-do free for at least 10 minutes and have shiny hubcaps, ( apparently I don’t have hubcaps, I mean alloy wheels)  had no idea they were that shiny.

So home for a cup of tea, it would have been something stronger had I not had to drive again. Life goes on, live and learn as they say. It’s all this new fangled technology we have to deal with, give me animals and people anytime, but keep your computers away from me!