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Eden Sessions one-day music festivals at the Eden Project, Cornwall.

Just a thought, what if your children would love to go to a Live Rock Concert? Maybe their 1st. What better place than here in Cornwall at The Eden Project.

It’s a small venue, you too can be on the Eden Site, maybe eating a pizza and enjoying a glass of wine, your kids can enjoy the concert, you will hear the music but not so loud you can’t hear yourself think! Or maybe you too want to “Rock” with the kids! If they will let you that is. Then it’s a calming walk to the car and about a 40 minute drive  to your holiday cottage at Ruby Farmhouse by which time the children amongst you may have calmed down enough to sleep! Take a look by clicking on the link above, see about tickets and please the whole family, just think, arrange it for later in the week and how well do you think they will behave in the run up !?