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Ok, I’ll be the first to admit I have found better things to do with my time since my last blog, well maybe not better things to do, just lots of other things to do. Of course we’ve had Christmas and New Year, then my Birthday then our daughter’s, so you see, this , in our family means lots of eating, drinking, going out and doing things together. I also visited my Mother in France, so we are all sorted to get on with the rest of the.

Time to get our cottages and grounds ready for our lovely guests. ( may there be many! ) I really can’t blame people for thinking twice about booking to come to Cornwall this year after last years weather, but hang on one minute before you dismiss us. Spring is the most lovely time of year to come to Cornwall, believe it or not for the 8 years we have lived here there has never been a Spring that has gone by without a considerable amount of sun showing itself. “Yeh right” I hear you cry, no really, I promise, Spring really Springs in Cornwall, all the lovely spring flowers come out, there are loads of National Trust gardens to visit, the trees come into leaf, Magnolia tress ( my favourite, also known as marigold in my world!) come into flower, the light is beautiful and Cornwall is really quite quiet. So go on be a devil and take a look at Ruby Farmhouse Holiday Cottages and remember we can arrange “something Special” for you and if you can’t find what you want to do on our page then ask me and I shall research and organise it for you. If you can’t manage a week, short breaks are very popular during Springtime. I’m sure we can arrange something to suit your budget and the time you have to spare.

Thought our regular visitors to the blog would like to see some pics of the animals in the snow we never get in Cornwall!!

It never snows in Cornwall!

It never snows in Cornwall!

What's this white stuff? Never seen this

What’s this white stuff? Never seen this before