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They have arrived, our new additions. And “Such Fun” it most certainly has been.  You may want to read my previous blog Not On The List for the background story before you continue. So our goat has been named Nanny Ogg, I’ve not decided on the two sheep yet as since the horses chased them around the field several times on arrival, did not expect that to happen! They took themselves off to the next field where they have stayed for the last 3 days, up in the furthest corner possible, where, unless I take a hike I can’t see them. Well I see the odd flash of brown and cream wool as they charge across the top of the field back into their corner to hide. I’m afraid I have no pictures as yet, I can’t get near enough nor will they stay still! Update, I’ve managed to take a picture of the sheep! Also one of the sheep and goat together, just! They are also all in one side of the field with the horses now, just to stop Nanny ogg following me back to the house. Any ideas for names please?

As for Nanny Ogg, I’m not sure we got the name right, Houdini would have suited better. I braved taking the dogs up to meet her where upon I found she had escaped from her shelter into the field with the horses, again not expected. Mr Darcy, our Weimaraner, then chased Nanny Ogg round Roo, my 16.3 hand thoroughbred, 6 times until Roo decided enough was enough and chased them both up the field, round one, a draw. Mr Bingley, our wire haired pointer, unusually for him, spent most of his time cowering between my legs. At this point we attempted to retire to the house for a breather. I closed the gate behind us as we walked to the front of the house, something made me look over my shoulder, there trotting behind us looking very pleased with herself was Nanny Ogg, having climbed up the Cornish stone wall onto the bank, through the brambles and into the walled garden, great, this was looking tricky, two very solid dogs one each side on leads pulling me not necessarily where I wanted to go. Several loud shouts to our 13 year old daughter, who of course has selective hearing and I knew this would have to be dealt with by me alone. Nanny Ogg was perfectly calm , I have no idea why, I presume she has more faith in my ability to hold onto 90 kilos of combined dog weight than I do. Enter Bertie Wooster the cat. It couldn’t get much worse could it surely? You’re wrong, guests drive up the lane smiling broadly, as they carry on by. I can’t put onto paper how I got out of this mini drama with not a scratch to any of us but I did, brute force and the desire to avert a total disaster I expect. This incident has led to lots of electric fence, another field shelter being brought in and being put as far away as possible from Nanny Ogg’s favourite escape route, the electric fence has yet to be checked out as I can’t bring myself to allow her to have an electric shock just yet. Let her settle in first. I’ll keep you posted.