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BBC News – Viewpoint: Why do we procrastinate so much?.

I’ve just finished pressing all the sheets for our cottages and yes I am now procrastinating, fair enough I say. I could do a bit of hoovering, put some more washing on, catch up with paperwork, ring about buying a couple of sheep, take the dogs up the field in the pouring rain (not). So you see we all have our moments! As my husband has just suggested, in preparation for going out tonight I could fire up the cement mixer for my foundation and use Homer’s make up gun ( he’s a long way away as you may imagine, he’s not got the guts to come out with that while at home and I’ll have forgotten by Christmas…… maybe) But of course if you are like me you will um and ah and end up doing nothing because there is not really enough time to start and finish anything before getting ready to hit the Town, although I will shelve the cement mixer idea for now thank you darling, miss you….!