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I honestly don’t. I have read so many beautifully written blogs. I’m not just saying this you understand because Fatima, a guest who stayed in our Dingley Cottage last week with her husband and daughter, and has now written the most gorgeous blog about her stay and has posted it to loads and loads of people and tweeted it, and it has been retweeted by Cornwall Living and it’s on Face Book and well what can I say? I will of course share it with you tomorrow when I’ve worked out how to copy it to my page, with fatima’s permission of course.
I think, what I would like to say is that despite all the horrid things that happen in this world there are many millions of wonderful people, things and happenings that we are also surrounded by. I think we all need to take at least one moment in each day to thank our lucky stars, it is time we all realised that we are all pretty fortunate. Yes there are times when we have the need to feel sorry for ourselves but come on, look at the bigger picture, everyday something lovely happens, someone opens a door for you, waves when you pull over to let them pass or smiles at you, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds or the birds sing, you enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Each and every one of us can and should be thankful everyday for something good that happens, however small. So rise above, when someone does something horrid and focus on the wonderful in life and on that note, thank you Fatima, very much in deed, I’m so very glad you found the beauty in Cornwall, your holiday and in our Dingley Cottage.

Walk This Way…….