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Well I’ve almost lost count as to how many Summer’s Day’s we’ve had! Well not quite but nearly. We’re off to Porthcurnick Beach today and The Hidden Hut, made famous for it’s wonderful sea food and  excellent evenings where you take your own plate, knife, fork, glass and wine/beer and enjoy the most wonderful food with lots of other people there for the very same reason, fab food, fab company and a fab view. I would like to have gone before all the tourists arrived ( sorry, I love you all really) It’s just it would have been a bit quieter, only thing was I had no husband home to go and enjoy it with so decided to wait. Why I wonder? I’m sure the experience would have  been just a lovely, or would it? Tell you later. Depends how he behaves really. We are supposed to leave in 5 minutes time, guess what? He’s still working on his boat. He has also managed, after asking me when was best for him to book a fishing trip, and my saying “not on a Saturday as it’s changeover day” booked himself a trip on that very day. Am I surprised? No. But it does mean I get to call all the shots in the meantime, and boy will I.

The Hidden Hut. Visit for more information