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Good Morning My Luvlies!! As some say in Cornwall. Well, things are good at Ruby Farmhouse, my husband who works away on and off all year, in a not very nice place, ( says it’s less stressful than being at home though!) got from A to B on a very dangerous road in one piece, so normal play can resume. I don’t stress about him much, I just get on with it, but when he informed me in a matter of fact way the other day that the road he travels on about once a week can see up to 12 deaths in a 2 hour period and he sent some pictures of, what he called, “breath taking views” which to me were death drops into bottomless valleys from a very narrow road I immediately ordered a text on each arrival. He dutifully now does as he’s told. Example: Arrived safely, just two head ons, one fatal, one not so fatal this morning, so all good. Another day his transport was cancelled because another truck had been ambushed and the naughty people had tried to kidnap the occupants, so he had to wait for things to calm down before he could travel! Is it a wonder I like a large glass, that I ramble and don’t often stop? Is this worse than no news or should I stick with wanting a text on arrival? You tell me.

Well I’m off to get the cottages ready for visitors arriving later. Have had some lovely reviews. If you’re interested pop over to our Web Site, link on the left. Have an enjoyable day.