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I woke up with an idea this morning, and I would like to run it past you all and see what you think.
We have 3 Traditional Cornish Holiday Cottages in a beautiful part of Cornwall, perfect for exploring South West Cornwall. For 6 years we’ve let them out, many in the school holidays, and some out of season weeks, leaving our guests totally to themselves to do their own thing. This morning I woke up and this thought popped into my head. How about if I offered to organise things for the guests? Say one of the guests would like to be taken to some good fishing marks? Another guest would like to go and have some painting lessons? Another day they’d like to go Clay Shooting, another , water ski ing and then top the day off with a romantic meal for 2 cooked in the cottage? All can be pre arranged and in-between they can do what they like. We could cater for small groups up to 12 or just couples, we could arrange things for kids too? Of course guests could have as much or as little as they like organised so they are free to do as they wish for as much of the time as they’d like. The list of things to have organised is endless, from writing or cooking to a lesson in making lobster pots. Far easier to have it all done for you and be able to just arrive and enjoy. Please let me know your thoughts when you have time ? Thank you. Have a good day.