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I promised myself when I came to write this I wouldn’t mention the weather, even after an hour and a half walking the dogs where after every ‘morning’ to another sodden dog walker, there followed a full on whinge about the lack of summer. I then came home to an ‘official’ announcement on FB that summer had been moved to March and winter now ran from April to February, I laughed, just not that much, it seems a bit too true. One positive, I won’t be buying any summer clothes so at least one person will be happy, my husband.

Thing is, us Brits, as long as we’re prepared we tend to get on with it, but how many of us are prepared these days? We’re pretty positive at heart and we can’t quite believe this is going to continue and surely not when we go on holiday! Ah well pack your wet weather gear and a sense of humour and have an adventure.

Exciting news, Moaning Myrtle has become Working Wendy, Yipeee! For how long no one but Working Wendy knows, and I’m not asking, enjoy it while it lasts I say. Another positive, it wasn’t a ginormous bill as expected, the sun was definitely shining for me on Friday.

Another positive, the ground is far too wet and it’s still tipping down so I can’t possibly mow! That saves the ride on mower and I having another full on row, needless to say ‘Calamity’ always wins.